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Instagram video downloader – VideoDuke

Looking for a reliable and trustworthy app to download Instagram videos and save them on your Mac? Look no further! VideoDuke is an all-in-one Instagram downloader for Mac that delivers a wide list of functions and options to save all your favorite videos and tweak them to perfection. With VideoDuke, video downloader Mac, you can do more than just download Instagram video, you can save audio-only, get images, or even script from the social media network.
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How to download Instagram videos on Mac

When they want to download Instagram videos Mac users who choose VideoDuke as their go-to solution make this choice for the easy-to-use interface and smooth navigation. Just in case you need some extra help with the steps to download an Instagram video using VideoDuke, we’ve put together a quick guide:

Locate the Instagram Video
Just open Instagram in your favorite browser and search for the video you wish to download and copy the URL. There’s also the option to navigate Instagram from VideoDuke, without having to open a browser.
The first step to download Instagram videos using VideoDuke.
Select the Desired Format and Resolution
Paste the URL in VideoDuke and the video will already be prepared for download. Before actually starting the download process, use the dropdown buttons to select the format and resolution for the video file.
The second step to download Instagram videos with VideoDuke.
Enjoy Playing the Video Offline
Once you press the “Download” button, you will initiate the process that takes only a couple of seconds to complete. Once it’s saved in the folder you chose, play it with the appropriate media player and enjoy!
The final step to download Instagram videos on Mac via VideoDuke.
Basic features

Video downloader for Instagram on macOS computer

All Mac users can now save their favorite Instagram videos using VideoDuke. Actually, why stop at videos when you can download images, audio, and other elements from the popular social media platform?

VideoDuke, this complete video downloader Instagram tool, offers users the possibility to choose from two ways of operation - Simple and Advanced. Just go with Simple if you want to download a video, without too many settings quickly. However, if you want to choose from more formats, tweak the quality and resolution, choose Advanced and explore its full power.

Speaking of quality and resolutions, you can rely on VideoDuke to deliver anything from 144p to 4K and some of the most popular video formats for a wide range of devices. The best part is that you don’t have to take our word for it, use the two free downloads with all features enabled and discover what this amazing app can do.

Looking for a way to download from Tumblr? With VideoDuke, you have access to thousands of websites to download your favorite videos. Rely on VideoDuke and it will easily cope with this task.
Advanced features

Download Instagram videos and other files related to the web page

If you want to get the most out of this powerful video downloader for Mac, choose the Advanced mode and you will be able to save Instagram Reels, videos, photos, audio, and many other files available on the page. The process is fairly simple: just copy the URL of the Instagram page you want to explore and then switch to the Advanced tab of VideoDuke. There, you will find a list with all the elements that can be downloaded, including subtitles, closed captions, and even scripts from an Instagram page.

Not only that you will be able to use VideoDuke for video downloads from Instagram, but it also works as a YouTube video downloader and allows saving even YouTube playlists and entire channels.
VideoDuke brings more options to download videos and other files from an Instagram web page.
Even more features

Find additional features that our Instagram downloader Mac offers

VideoDuke doesn’t just do an exceptional job when it comes to downloading videos and other content from Instagram. The app is much more than just an Insta downloader, it works on other big social media platforms such as Facebook, but with other popular sites like YouTube, Vimeo, or Dailymotion. Quickly switch from one mode to another to rapidly download the content from any of the thousands of websites it can be used on. Everything as easy as copying and pasting the URL. Here’s what else this excellent all-in-one downloader offers.
Built-in Browser
No need to open Safari or Chrome to find the video URL, surf the internet directly in VideoDuke.
Quick Access Buttons
Using the preset buttons you can immediately open YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.
Add Bookmarks
Save the websites as Bookmarks to immediately access them and download anything.
Downloads Overview
Check previous downloads in the download history offered by VideoDuke.
In-Browser Use
By simply adding a bookmark, you’ll be using VideoDuke directly in browser.
Two Modes to Choose From
Switch from Simple to Advanced for an excellent job.

FAQs concerning Instagram downloaders

When it comes to how to download Instagram videos, there are many options to perform an Instagram video download. Out of all the solutions out there, websites and browser extensions are the most unreliable and can lead to technical issues or incomplete downloads. That’s why you should always go for a standalone app. VideoDuke, one of the best Instagram video downloaders, offers two free videos with all features enabled.
Downloading private videos on Instagram is possible as long as they are posted on the profile and you are following that person. Using VideoDuke, you can access the Instagram page where the videos located and download the video and other elements. However, if the content is deemed as private by the user, you won’t save Instagram videos on Mac.
To download IGTV videos directly on your phone you can use the built-in screen-recording app. However, if you want to do a professional job, the best way is to download the videos on your Mac first using VidfeoDuke and then transfer them to your phone. It’s the best way to control the video file’s quality and format and enjoy any IGTV video offline on your smartphone.
In case they want to download Instagram photos, Mac users can use VideoDuke to get the job done. This all-in-one tool will allow you to download photos, music, and even entire scripts from Instagram with just a few clicks.
VideoDuke aims to bring you the best offline viewing experience with video and audio downloading. Your personal videos are for your own enjoyment. However, using VideoDuke to download content that doesn’t belong to you isn’t something we endorse. If you choose to use VideoDuke for that purpose, then you’re agreeing to take full responsibility for any copyright claims or consequences that may arise.
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