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How to download videos on Mac? Try VideoDuke

How to Fix Tumblr Video Won’t Play Issue?

Many users find that, occasionally, Tumblr videos won’t play when they want them to. We’re going to look at how to solve this problem when you encounter it. Read on to find out what causes these problems, and the quickest ways to resolve them.

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Learn what to do when Tumblr videos go black from the article below.

Tumblr remains one of the most popular online video sharing platforms and apps. However, things don’t always run smoothly, unless you have a Tumblr video downloader for Mac. There are a few different reasons why Tumblr videos may not play properly, such as internet connection, app's version and file or folder issues. However, all these problems can be easily fixed.

Reasons Why a Tumblr Video Won’t Play

Let's look at symptoms of Tumblr videos not loading.


Here are a few of the signs that your Tumblr videos aren’t working properly:

The icon keeps spinning, trying to load the video, but Tumblr videos are not loading and keep on crashing without playing.

Nothing happens when you click the play icon.

 Tumblr video just seems freezing.
You get a notification saying that the video format cannot be played.
A few seconds are played, then you receive a notification of ‘broken content’.
Tumblr videos black, and don’t reflect the actual size of the player window.
The rectangle is grey.


Here are some of the reasons why your Tumblr videos won’t play:

System resources - if you have too many programs running at once, your computer will not have the necessary resources to play the video.
Outdated app - if you’re using an older version of the Tumblr app, it may lack the compatibility to play the video you’re looking for.
Browser and plugin - with Tumblr videos not playing on Chrome or another browser, it’s possible that your browser is not working properly, or if you are using plugins, they may be why Tumblr videos won’t play.
Corrupted cache or cookies - your internet user saves files as cookies, or caches them. Over time, these files can become corrupted, causing a number of different issues.
Network connection - if your connection is not functioning properly, you won’t be able to play videos on Tumblr, or any other streaming platforms.
Corrupted file - it’s possible that the video file is corrupted and cannot be played properly.

Solutions When Tumblr Videos Won’t Play

Browser Fixes

Here is some advice to fix Tumblr video won't play issues in popular browsers.

There are a few different things you can try with your browser to resolve the problem. Obviously the first thing to do is to simply refresh the page. Click the refresh icon next to the search bar, or click on the URL and hit enter. If the Tumblr videos won’t play on the refreshed page, you can try running it on another browser to see if your original browser has issues. If Tumblr videos won’t load Chrome or another browser you’re using may need to be updated.

You can update your browsers by going to their homepage and searching for updates. If problems persist, clear the cache and data. If you are accessing the video on a mobile device, go to either your app settings or storage settings, and clear the cache and data associated with Tumblr. If it still doesn’t work, try disabling any plugins you’re using, such as adblocker, that might have a negative effect on video playback.

System Fixes

Try some of the fixes below if your browser is OK.

There may be problems with either your network, or with your operating system, which is why your Tumblr videos won’t play. Your first step should be to check your internet network. You can try restarting your modem if you think the problem is with your internet connection. Running a speed test will let you know if your connection is strong enough to support playing video. Another option is to flush your DNS cache.

If you’re using Windows, you’ll need to open a Run dialogue and type cmd then ctrl+shift+enter, grant admin access, and then type ipconfig/flushdns. With macOS, you can use the CleanMyMac program. Another potential cause of problems is too many processes running at once. By closing background programs, you can free up more system power to run the videos you’re trying to view.

When Tumblr videos not loading on a page, just download them

Use VideoDuke if Tumblr video won't play
Requirements: OS X 10.12+. 55.99MB free space. Version (30 Apr, 2024). 4.5 Reviews(89)
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One of the best ways to get around the issue when Tumblr videos won’t play is to simply make use of a video downloader Mac users can enjoy, like VideoDuke. This app lets you simply download your chosen video, saving it offline to view whenever you feel like it.

You can also navigate to other sites like YouTube, Vimeo or Dailymotion with shortcuts in the main window of the app.

VideoDuke takes seconds to rip videos not just from Tumblr, but from hundreds of the best online streaming platforms. You can choose from a range of different formats for your downloads depending on your needs.

Plus, you can rip entire playlists from sites like YouTube or DailyMotion. You can even rip MP3 audio only, if you want to increase your music library. Browser integration means that all it takes is a single click to get the content you’re looking for. And VideoDuke’s clean interface and great usability mean that it’s really easy to grab videos from Tumblr and other sites and save them to your library.

Here’s how to do it:

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First of all, head over to the homepage and download and install VideoDuke.
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Once installed, open the app and use the built in search function to find the Tumblr video you’re looking for.
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Click the video, and VideoDuke will start processing it and preparing the download.
Choose your preferred download format from the range of different options.
 You'll see the available formats in the list of downloadable files (Tumblr videos are usually in MP4).
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Hit download, and the video will be saved to your chosen download folder.
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You can now enjoy your video offline any time you like.

The above are some of the easiest solutions when Tumblr videos won’t play properly.. As we’ve shown, there are a number of different causes for these problems, and a number of possible solutions. For a guaranteed resolution, we recommend VideoDuke as the most reliable tool for saving Tumblr videos.

It’s a great program that is useful not just for Tumblr, but also for a huge range of other streaming platforms. And with plenty of customisable settings, it’s the ideal way to create a whole library of offline content you can enjoy any time you like.

Frequently Asked Questions

As we’ve shown, there are a number of potential reasons why online videos might not play, as well as why you may struggle to download Tumblr photo files. Common issues include browser settings, as well as system settings and problems with a connection. Try the above solutions to solve any problems you may encounter.
The most likely problem, if you’ve managed to load a video but it refuses to play, is that your computer doesn’t have the resources to play the file. Try closing any background programs that might be running, and see if it works. Otherwise, you can try downloading with a Tumblr video downloader Chrome option like VideoDuke, including for Tumblr music downloads.
The above gives you a rundown of the most common reasons why videos may not be playing on Tumblr. As we’ve said, there are a few different potential causes to this problem, and we’ve outlined the most likely solutions for any issues you may encounter.
Easy, all you need to do is hit the triangular play icon on whatever video you’re interested in. If you have any problems, try some of the solutions earlier in this article, or simply use VideoDuke to save the video offline or download GIF from Tumblr.


Requirements: macOS 10.12+ , 55.99MB free space
Version (30 Apr, 2024) Release notes
Category: Video Downloaders for Mac