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Flash Video Downloader for Mac: 10 best methods and solutions

If you are looking for the best Flash video downloader that is compatible with macOS, read this article and choose the best way to download Flash videos on your computer.

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FLV and F4V were go-to formats for many people, because pretty much any computer had Adobe Flash Player browser plugin pre-installed in browsers. Lots of video-hosting websites used these Flash formats as well, some still continue to use it. And of course who doesn't want to save these videos on a hard drive to have them available without being connected to the Internet. Luckily, there are media downloader Mac solutions to save FLV on your computer.

Best Flash Video Downloader for Mac - VideoDuke

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If you ever face the problem when you cannot download a video from a website because it is in one of the Flash formats (i.e. FLV or F4V), then you will definitely appreciate such a solution as VideoDuke that also comes as Flash video downloader for Mac.

To find Flash videos on a page switch to the advanced mode of VideoDuke.

With this small tool you will be able to grab Flash videos on Mac from the most popular video hosting sites.

VideoDuke offers downloading in Advanced mode that has 4 tabs including the Flash tab. You can easily switch to that tab and download any FLV or F4V video on Mac instantly. The downloading process is very simple and what's more the tool provides fast video downloads Mac users will appreciate.

All you should have is the URL to the Flash video that you want to save on Mac. Just a couple of clicks and you can enjoy watching FLV, F4V or SWF on your machine.

Note: Flash videos with subtitles can also be downloaded by VideoDuke Flash downloader Mac after you’ve activated the “Download subtitles” option in the software Preferences.

icon pros Pros:

  • Two separate download modes - simple and advanced to meet the needs of every user
  • 2 free downloads with all features activated
  • The widest range of formats and resolutions to save videos.

icon cons Cons:

  • After the two free downloads are used, you need to buy the software to continue using it.

The bottom line is that VideoDuke is the most capable Flash video downloader for Mac out there right now. The two free videos are more than enough to convince yourself that it is well worth the investment for being able to download movies on Mac and other video files, no matter the format. This advanced media downloader for Mac can not only download videos but also save images on Mac and other related files from a web page.

4 Apps to Download Flash Videos to Your Mac


iTube offers a complete suite for users that wish to download flash videos for offline use. You can use this app to download high definition videos from over 10,000 websites, download entire playlists, record videos from any website out there, download videos privately and it claims to be 3 times faster than anything else on the market.

Of course, you will have to buy the software if you want to get an opportunity to put all these to the test.

Let’s find out pros and cons of iTube.

icon pros Pros:

  • Capable of downloading entire playlists
  • Very fast download speeds
  • Multiple choices when it comes to formats and quality.

icon cons Cons:

  • No trial version to test the features.

iTube can deliver quite a punch for any user that wants to download FLV videos fast and safe. However, since most of its features are only accessible in the paid version, very few users get to see the app at work and go with other, more accessible apps.

4K Video Downloader

Even though it doesn’t happen that often, the Internet can become unavailable for a longer period of time. And what do you do if you wish to watch a video at that exact moment? No matter how you put it, in case you did not download the video on your drive first, you won’t be able to.

4K Video Downloader offers a reliable tool for all users to save their flash videos. It also allows you to save entire YouTube channels of your favorite artists, download TV shows, extraction of YouTube subtitles and all that at 4K quality.

Let’s find out pros and cons of 4K video downloader.

icon pros Pros:

  • Easily downloading 4K videos as well as lower resolutions
  • Capable of downloading entire YouTube channels
  • Offers subtitle support.

icon cons Cons:

  • The user interface of the 4K Video Downloader could use an update.

4K Video Downloader is a great choice when you want to rip flash video from website Mac due to its multiple features. It offers a good balance between performance and functionality, all that while dealing with high resolutions.

Wondershare AllMyTube

A FLV video downloader that was designed with Mac users in mind, Wondershare AllMyTube is capable of grabbing videos from over 1,000 websites. The list of video formats available is extensive and the same goes for audio formats in case you just want to save the audio part of a video.

Among the websites that can be accessed with Wondershare AllMyTube we noticed MTV, TED, ESPN, Dailymotion, Mega Video, Hulu, or Yahoo Video. While the app can download videos by copying the URL in its interface, it will also enable a download button on the websites that it can operate on.

Let’s find out pros and cons of Wondershare AllMyTube.

icon pros Pros:

  • 2-in-1 app with both standalone interface and browser integration
  • Can save only the audio from a FLV video online
  • Can be used as a player and a multimedia library at the same time.

icon cons Cons:

  • Limited trial version, you need to buy it after the first 5 uses.

The bottom line about Wondershare AllMyTube is that it’s a great Flash downloader, however, the limited trial version makes it only really useful for those that need to download a limited number of videos. For bulk downloads or bigger jobs, you need to rely on more powerful apps like VideoDuke.

iFunia Downloader for Maс

With the free version of the iFunia YouTube downloader, you will be able to convert and save files from YouTube and over 1000 other video streaming websites. The range of quality settings you can choose from starts at 2K, all the way up to 8K and it is also available for iPhone, iPad or Android phones.

An awesome feature of this Youtube video downloader is that it also removes the ads within the videos for a great experience.

Let’s find out pros and cons of iFunia Downloader for Maс.

icon pros Pros:

  • Available in a free version
  • Capable of downloading videos from more than 1,000 websites
  • Downloading videos at resolutions as high as 8K.

icon cons Cons:

  • The range of formats available to save the videos on your computer is not as wide as with other downloaders in our list.

While it may look like this downloader is specially designed for YouTube, you don’t have to worry about that. It’s more than capable of dealing with other websites as well. However, the user interface could use a little upgrade to make it more competitive.

Best 3 Extension Plugins for Flash Video Download

Video DownloadHelper

Next, we are looking at a browser extension that allows users to download all the online videos they wish. Video DownloadHelper is compatible with Chrome and Firefox browsers. So, to download Flash video Safari users need to install either one of these browsers.

In case you are wondering if it is worth it, we can assure you that it is. With thousands of websites from which you can download flash videos on Mac, you will feel the full power of this extension.

Let’s find out pros and cons of Video DownloadHelper.

icon pros Pros:

  • Browser extension so easier to add on your computer
  • Compatible with all popular browsers - including Chrome, Safari or Firefox
  • Capable of downloading flash videos from a wide range of websites.

icon cons Cons:

  • Being a browser extension, it doesn’t offer as many features as a standalone app.

Looking for a Flash video downloader Safari extension? Video DownloadHelper is worth your attention. Even though it may not deliver the power we’ve seen at the previous two Flash video download tools, Video DownloadHelper is still doing an awesome job. Not needing many system resources, this Flash video downloader extension gets the job done without you knowing it’s active.


Moving on from a browser extension to another dedicated converter and downloader, we have ClipGrab. This is a free downloader that allows you to convert videos from Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo and a lot of other websites that usually contain videos. It comes as another great answer to how to download flash video on Mac.

It is free software and that is reflected in the quality of the user interface that could use a touch of smoothness. Other than that, it offers great functionality and minimal ads.

Let’s find out pros and cons of ClipGrab.

icon pros Pros:

  • Offers free downloads of flash videos
  • Can handle multiple websites, including Vimeo, YouTube or Facebook
  • Doesn’t display a lot of ads.

icon cons Cons:

  • Since it’s free software, the user interface wasn’t perfectly polished.

All in all, ClipGrab is a very decent solution to download Flash video files from the internet. Offering you plenty of choices when it comes to format and quality, this small app is everything you will need to build that offline library of FLV videos.


Our next recommendation is another browser extension that works as a flash video downloader for Mac. If you browse at Safari Flash video download will not be a problem. It is compatible with a full range of browsers like Chrome, Safari, Opera, Firefox or Internet Explorer and with it, you will be able to download any video on YouTube.

It offers an efficient way to download the desired videos since, after installation, a download button will be added under the YouTube video player.

Before downloading flash video on Mac OS X using FastestTube, make sure to select the desired quality and format. This extension will not modify the performance of your browser and, besides the great convenience of being able to download from YouTube, you won’t even notice it’s there.

Let’s find out pros and cons of FastestTube.

icon pros Pros:

  • Can be added to any popular browser out there
  • Plenty of quality and format choices
  • It doesn’t affect the browser’s performance in any way.

icon cons Cons:

  • The download speed isn’t always the best, especially if you compare it to a Flash video downloader online.

If you’re looking for a flash video downloader Chrome-friendly extension, FastestTube is definitely worth a shot. Of course, it delivers the same outstanding results on other browsers as well and it’s perfectly capable of downloading even larger files without putting a mark on your bandwidth.

How to Download Flash Video on a Mac Using Online Services

All the solutions listed until now can be classified as apps. No matter if we talk about downloadable software or browser extensions, they are all in the same category. And while they do deliver excellent experiences, as you could read in the reviews we made for them, we want you to know all the possible alternatives.

So, if you want to use an online flash video downloader for Mac, check out these suggestions.

Video Grabber

For all those users that do not want to install any apps on their macOS, Video Grabber comes with a 100% online solution for converting and downloading flash videos. With a really neat design and predefined categories where you can find Recent, Popular and Recommended videos plus the dedicated search function, it is a complete tool for storing any video offline.

Briefly about Video Grabber.

You don’t need to be a technical expert to easily download and convert any video from YouTube using A very straightforward interface with a box where you enter the URL of the video you wish to download and a dropdown button to choose the format make this website very easy to use and extremely popular at the same time.

When you also add the multiple language support they deliver, you have a winning recipe.

Briefly about

It Is Interesting to Know: Flash Video Format

Flash Video format that is highly popular today despite the appearance of many other cutting-edge technologies is a container for electronic video content available on the web.

This format developed by Adobe Systems is usually used for online videos on different web resources like YouTube, Hulu, Vevo, Google Video as well as many other streaming sites. Almost any OS (except iOS, which requires a different method of delivery) is able to open and play Flash Video files.

If you intend to download a flash video, you are going to save a video in most widely used formats F4V and FLV with the help of FLV downloader mac app.

The F4V files have the ISO base media file format as a basis. It determines time-based video and audio files. Unlike other Flash Video formats, F4V uses boxes for data storing, so such files are known as containers.

Files with the FLV extension can be played only with FLV players. The FLV files use the H.263 standard under the name of Sorenson Spark (FourCC FLV1). The sound in FLV movies is often recorded in MP3 format.

The FLV format is commonly used for video streaming, but it is also good for local storage and presentation. Once the FLV video is downloaded offline, you can play, transfer or edit FLV videos as you like. To play them you can use Flash Player that works well for various browsers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Just like any other video downloader out there, a Flash video downloader works by identifying the video online and then converting it to a format that can be downloaded on your computer. Depending on the video downloader you choose, you will get multiple features like support for subtitles or bulk downloads.

You can download a flash video using one of the three types of downloaders available. The first one, and the most powerful, is the standalone app.

You can try VideoDuke that is a reliable video downloader and allows you to save not only Flash videos but also to download free movies for Mac. More than a video downloader, VideoDuke can save elements related to the video, in that way you can download images on Mac. VideoDuke is also good to perform music downloads for Macintosh as well.

Next, the online websites that download flash videos. These don’t require installation and are quicker but offer fewer features. Last but not least, you have browser extensions.

When choosing a Flash video downloader you need to take into consideration some key features like download speed, the capacity of downloading multiple files at once, support for subtitles, number of websites it can download from or range of formats it can convert the new video to. VideoDuke fully meets these requirements. It allows you to download videos or Mac TV shows in different formats and also works as an HTML5 download Mac app.

Depending on your needs, check each downloader and see which one performs best.

It’s very hard to make a difference between one flash browser extension and the other because they all offer pretty much the same services. However, judging by the number of downloads, we would say that the Flash Video Downloader Plus holds an edge over other extensions.
Downloading videos from Google Chrome is possible with either a browser extension like the ones presented above or by using an online downloader. All the online downloaders work with Google Chrome and the extensions that are designed for this browser will be presented in the specific section.


Requirements: macOS 10.12+ , 55.99MB free space
Version (30 Apr, 2024) Release notes
Category: Video Downloaders for Mac